Benefits of learning yoga in India

Why India?

It is essentially to come back to the roots if one intends to absorb the knowledge which in itself is thousands of years old. The basic difference in the beliefs of eastern and western philosophies is in the dialects- the system of beliefs and reasoning. Although the propagation of yoga in the west can be dated back to the mid-18th century, yoga is propagated in the west as a tool for achieving physical wellness and mental peace. But yoga in India is deeply linked to spirituality. 

Another main reason to immerse into physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga in India is because India is the home of yogis. In the absence of them, their disciples continue to carry their rich legacy.

The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a geographic diversity of hills and mountains, lush green forests, and clean sea beaches- giving people ample opportunity to establish a close relationship with nature. Given the diversity, one can also adapt to the various climatic conditions suitable to themselves. This in turn shall help them to gain a clearer perspective regarding their spiritual life. 

Various options are available to choose from when it comes to selecting an institution for Yoga teacher training in India. You can choose to stay in the lap of Himalayas or clean beaches of south India. 

Lost in translation

Ever since the time of its evolvement yoga has been interpreted and reinterpreted for generations which has in turn reduced its essence to achieving insane physical flexibility. In order to learn and gather proper knowledge about it, it is essential to go back to yogis who have knowledge about the various Vedic texts.

At times it becomes difficult to pin point why learning yoga is important in India, probably because the focus is primarily on how yoga has its effects in every aspect of life rather on expensive gears. Although Indians might not be rich, but the culture itself is grounding, making the experience of spirituality, complete. 

Besides, who would not like to opt for a cheaper option where the entire experience of yoga and the yogic lifestyle comes at a cheaper cost than most of the western countries?

Things to keep in mind while considering a yoga retreat to India

India can be a bit overwhelming if you are used to the luxuries provided the first world countries. If systematic and organized lifestyle is your thing, then you should reconsider coming to India for best Yoga teacher training in India

Keep everything planned beforehand so that you don’t get stuck in a chaos once you arrive.

So pack your bags and happy retreat! 

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.