Best Online Vape Store to Buy Your Vape Kit

As a vaper, rather than buying your cape kit in a cape store near you, you might choose to get it online. 

Among the benefits of purchasing your vaping kit online are privacy and lower prices. You should know that there are numerous online cape stores, each with its advantages and also downsides. In this case, the biggest dilemma for you would be, which is the best online cape store for you to make your purchase. To make it smooth for you to make a decision, here is a compilation of the best 8 online cape stores, their advantages, and downsides – if any. 

  • EightVape 

Of late, EightVape has been making major moves as an online cape store that has made it rise fast to become one of the best available. They have made a name for themselves for having the lowest prices on the latest yaps kits, tanks, and mods. This online vape store boasts of having a great website layout. This makes it easy for anyone, even anew customer, to find what you are looking for. This includes the best deals and discounts. It’s among the best online cape store list for:

  • Offering fast shipping 
  • Selling only authentic products 
  • Having an easy to navigate website 
  • Having a wide variety of low-priced hardware 
  • VapourDNA 

VapourDNA is popular for having the most extensive collection of newly released products among their stock. As soon as a new vaping product launches, you can find it in this online vape store. This California-based online vape retailer is also the only online vape store ever to be awarded the Circle of Excellence 2016 award by BizRate. The award recognizes online businesses that provide excellent services to their clients. Here’s why this online cape store is among the best. 

  • Provides great deals for cape kits, mods, and accessories 
  • Orders above $49 in the U.S. enjoy free shipping, and for most of the world, shipping is done at a low flat rate 
  • Offers international shipping 
  • Offers a wide range of only authentic products 
  • Website’s easy to use 
  • MyVPro 

Are you looking to get your vape kit from the most prestigious brands in the market? Then look no further than MyVPro. Being one of the best online vape stores, they boast of having the pods, kits, and accessories from only the most luxurious brands. This online vape store is based in Michigan and has a membership program where you can get great deals if you are part of it Here’s is why MyVPro stands out:

  • Free shipping for domestic orders above $70 
  • Amazing discounts for membership program members 
  • Easy and well laid out site 
  • An admirable variety of luxurious products 
  • Vape Wild 

Vape Wild is also another popular online cape store that thrives in the market by providing tasty house brand e-juices. If you are seeking to try something different, this is the place to go. Their “Circus Bear,””Cowboy Cooler,” and “Fruit Hoops” are a must-try if you are adventurous enough. They also sell a few popular cape brands on their website. Here’s why you should consider Vape Wild: 

  • They sell only authentic products 
  • Great discounts on the Deal of the Week section 
  • Their in-house e-juices are tasty and awesome 
  • Amazing prices for products 
  • Element Vape 

Element Vape has grown to where it is now on the philosophy of giving customers more than what they purchased. This strategy has given it a place as one of the best vapes online vape store list. They usually have a stock of rare items that you can’t purchase anywhere else. Since they were established in 2013, they have been committed to bringing to market the most innovative products. Element Vape provides excellent deals on their clearance section if you are looking for a steal. Here’s why they are worth a look: 

  • Fantastic website design 
  • Stocks hard to find items 
  • Amazing clearance section 
  • Orders above $50 enjoy free shipping 
  • International shipping available 
  •  Vaporl 

Though Vaporl is not as popular as the other entries on this list, it has incredible deals. It’s based in China and provides competitively low prices for authentic products. Here’s why you should consider purchasing your vape kit from them: 

  • Competitive low prices 
  • Stocks are frequently updated 
  • Website’s easy to navigate 
  • Wide variety of authentic vaping products 

You should keep in mind that your order will be shipping from China so it will take a little longer to get to you. This lengthy delivery time might be the only reason Vapor! isn’t as huge as it should be. 

  • Namaste Vapes 

Namaste Vapes has an admirable collection of both portable and desktop vaporizers. If you are looking for variety when buying your vape kit, this is the place to be additionally, they have in stock some the rarest dry herb capes. This online vape retailer is based in the U.& and provides very appealing prices for pods, kits, and accessories. Namaste Vapes works on a price match guarantee policy that ensures you will be purchasing your yaps kit at the best possible market prices. This is why they rank among the best online vape stores: 

  • Amazing price match guarantee policy 
  • Fast and reliable delivery 
  • Admirable customer service 
  • Best collection of desktop and portable dry herbs hardware, vapes, and accessories. 
  • Direct Vapor 

Save the best for last — perhaps. Direct Vapor has in-stock authentic e-juices and vaping hardware. This U.S.-based online yaps store has prospered by offering some of the best prices that you can find. Direct Vapor’s best feature is its domestic free shipping on all items. Unlike other retailers, there is no minimum purchase amount to get free shipping — you buy anything, you get it shipped to you. Here’s why you should consider Direct Vapor:

  • Free domestic shipping on all purchases 
  • Low prices on items 
  • Authentic products 
  • Easy to use and pleasing website 

All the online vaping stores on this list are great as you can be sure you will get authentic vape accessories and hardware. As you decide on where to buy your yaps kit, be bold. Be open to trying new things as this is the spirit of vaping. 

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