Choosing the Best CBD Products As per the Requirement

Hemp is an organic raw material and a powerful antiseptic, so in Europe it is used even in construction. For example, in 2009 in the UK, the government launched a program to build houses whose walls were made of lime, hemp cake and dry plants. And in Germany, hemp is used as bedding under a laminate or parquet, and it also insulates building facades. The use of the cbd products stand  comes useful there.

Hemp allows you to save more trees than you can imagine

Usually, wood pulp is used for the production of paper – 42% of the trees that are cut today go exclusively to paper production, and with the increase in population, demand also increases. But paper can also be made from hemp. At the same time, it comes out of higher quality, strong and wear-resistant and much cheaper than traditional. Imagine, from one hectare of hemp you can get six tons of pulp per year! This is significantly more than the annual growth of one hectare of forest.

Trees grow for decades, and hemp can be harvested just 120 days after planting. Large areas of land are needed to grow forests, but hemp can grow almost everywhere. And most surprisingly, our ancestors knew about this: many historically important literary works have survived to our times only due to the longevity of hemp paper. For example, the first paper money, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of the USA, the first printed Gutenberg Bible were printed on hemp paper.

Cannabis could not compete with wood due to the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution of the 19th century and capitalism of the 20th century led to the spread of literacy among the population, thereby increasing the demand for paper, which had to be satisfied in some way. The first machines with which paper was made could not process coarse hemp fibers. Therefore, a simpler material was found – wood. Today, for the introduction of hemp in large-scale production, technologies are needed that allow silicates to be removed from the fibers.

The hemp industry can become the lever that will lead some regions of our country from agricultural depression due to the high profitability and economic attractiveness of the industry. The development of industrial hemp processes and paper making will be able to protect our Carpathian forests from deforestation. This will significantly increase tax deductions to the budget and open a new branch of the agricultural industry.

Hemp stalk – the most valuable for the weaving industry

Technical hemp with a THC content of not more than 0.08% is used in industrial production to produce fiber, from which webs are then woven, I sew clothes and shoes. The fiber is obtained from stems, comprising approximately 65% ​​of the total dry weight. The length of the obtained fibers depends on the plant variety and growing conditions and varies between 0.8-4 meters. You can buy hemp clothes, shoes and household goods both at specialized fairs and on the Internet from exceptional enthusiasts.

Did you know that hemp seeds are valued in the food and chemical industries? Our ancestors made cannabis seeds and leaves an analogue of pain medication, and today hemp extract is used in the manufacture of personal care products and in the production of medicines. And hemp oil is an excellent antioxidant and is recommended for food in cancer, problems with the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

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