Choosing the Right Place for the Drug Rehab Now

To evaluate the patient’s mental state, a standard diagnostic test involves psychodiagnosis (psychological tests that determine the degree of dependence, the degree of the consequences of the use of opiates on mental health, the existence of signs of mental disorders, depression, and the degree of motivation for healing, self-criticism and conservation of the mechanisms of the will). You need to choose the best drug rehab for couples now.

Stages of alcohol addiction treatment

Diagnostics: the first and very important phase of the treatment. Diagnosis consists essentially in assessing the patient’s physical and mental state. For the assessment of the patient’s physical condition, a standard exam includes:

  • urinalysis
  • tests for hepatitis B and C, tests for HIV
  • general blood test
  • biochemical blood test
  • ECG
  • examination by the internist

After diagnosis, a team of doctors reviews the results to develop a strategy and treatment plan. If the diagnosis reveals significant deviations in the tests, the presence of a risk factor or if the patient has a chronic associated disease, further examinations are organized as needed and treatments for associated diseases are prescribed. Depending on the problem, further tests may be proposed: MRI, EEG, ultrasound, radiography, endoscopy, analysis of the concentration of drugs and medicines, visits to the cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, infectious diseases, etc. The additional exams mentioned are not included in the price of this treatment and are paid extra. There are ample options for couples rehabs now.

Detoxification – Depending on the diagnostic results, an appropriate method is chosen for each patient for detoxification of the body from alcohol and its toxic residues, elimination of unpleasant and dangerous symptoms of withdrawal syndrome or a complex of methods that will give the best result.

  • After a few days of alcohol consumption, there is a risk of developing an epileptic seizure or alcohol delirium. Therefore, detoxification is very important because it does not only include infusions, vitamins, hepatoprotectors, amino acids, but also a complex of preparations that protect the brain, normalize the functioning of the heart, liver, kidneys, peripheral nervous system.
  • The detoxification procedure lasts from one to two days in the simplest cases and from five to seven days in the most serious cases.

The psycho stabilization – after passing the withdrawal syndrome, the patient begins to feel better, the addiction does not pass. The most important phase of treatment begins – the stage where a negative attitude towards alcohol is formed. There are special procedures that allow the patient not to suffer from a lack of alcohol, but to feel comfortable while he is sober. In case of the couples drug rehab the solutions are perfect. The Couples rehab is the best choice here.

Therapy N.Е.Т. which eliminates the hormonal disturbance caused by alcohol

Lateral therapy: a special procedure to harmonize the function of the cerebral hemisphere. It reduces psychic tension, nervousness, solves the problem of depression, sleep, appetite, mood and desire for a drug and the like.