Dangers Associated with the Tampons Soaked with Alcohol – An Overview

Teens and young adults are becoming more prone to alcohol addiction these days. Elders and parents know about the problem of teenager’s alcohol addiction and put strict rules to restrict them. As a result, teens have started using tampons for alcohol intake.

If your daughter is also suffering from the problem of alcoholism with the help of the alcohol soaked tampons, then the best way to help her is by taking them to the nearby Detox to Rehab Center. This center is one of the best sources for helping people suffering from the problem of addiction. They are located in almost all states in the US.

Alcoholism through Alcohol Soaked Tampons

Tampons that are soaked with alcohol are used as a way of giving the body what it asks for, by women today. Teenage girls and young adults take the tampons soaked with the alcohol and use these tampons, just the way they normally use it during their monthly cycles.

The alcohol present in the tampons will be released slowly and directly into the bloodstreams, which offers the sense of euphoria as required by the alcoholics. However, there are many dangers that are associated with the usage of such tampons soaked with alcohol and are listed below.

·         Damage to the Female Sex Organ

Female sex organ is lined with good bacteria. If alcohol is introduced in the female genitals, then there are higher chances of alcohol killing these bacteria. This process normally results in causing yeast and even urinary tract infection.

·         Chances of Vaginal Ulcers

Constant introduction of alcohol into vagina might result in vaginal ulcers, pain during sexual activities and even release abdominal discharges.

Female genital organ is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. Introduction of unnecessary things into it, only because of enjoying the sense of high might result in causing some serious and permanent damages.

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