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Fitness Exercise Equipment Synopsis: The Reebok I-Bike S Exercise Bicycle


In the current society, it’s rush, rush, rush: it is often very hard to find enough time for exercising. Acquiring membership in a fitness centre can be the answer for some folks, but most of us think this choice is too above our budgets. Also, not all of us have time to journey to and from a health club or gym facility. A more feasible alternative would be to exercise at home. Exercising in your home calls for the use of fitness exercise equipment for strength training as well as cardio training. One very trendy type of exercise machine is the stationary exercise bicycle, which offers an inspiring cardio workout whilst fortifying the lower body. This is some material on the subject of an exercise bicycle we really like: the Reebok i-Bike S.

Overall Ranking:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding Qualities:

Like other types of fitness equipment, the Reebok i-Bike S features an LCD console display which has the calories, RPM, pulse, time, distance, and speed. It measures the heart rate via handgrips. The machine’s 8 resistance levels are manually adjustable. This i-Bike S has got an M-Force Braking System based on magnetic resistance. If an item that is spinning, for instance a wheel on the bike goes through the M-Force magnetic field, this field will supply enough resistance to slow the rotation of the wheel.

Selling Price:


Product Depiction:

This i-Bike S is designed with pioneering electronic resistance that gives a demanding workout plus even and fluid operating and performance which puts it far ahead alternative options in fitness equipment in its class. We are particularly fond of the i-Bike S’s choice of 8 different resistance levels which are in perfect harmony with the 4 integrated programmes. Though the machine is slated for use in the home, it delivers a gym-quality exercise regimen. It also pleased us to see that the i-Bike S has a two year warranty from the Reebok Company, a front runner in the industry of fitness.

Product Specifications:

The i-Bike S is equipped with a 7kg inertia weight flywheel, and comes with 9 different seat adaptation levels. It supports a maximum user weight of 120kg. The dimensions are 110cm long x 55cm wide x 129cm high. The seat height is adjustable from 61.7cm to 86.2 cm. In addition, the floor level and handlebars can be adjusted. The opened measurements of the i-Bike S are 110cm in length x 55cm in width x 129cm in height. The maximum user weight of the machine the machine can endure is 120kg.

About Reebok

Reebok began its journey to worldwide brand recognition in the 1890s in the UK. A man, Joseph William Foster, began producing specialist type shoes in Bolton. Avid athletic runners quickly became aware of the excellence and resilience of Foster’s athletic shoes line. The British Olympic team in 1924 selected these shoes as their criterion. In 1958, two of Foster’s grandsons expanded the original company and founded the Reebok division. Incidentally, a Reebok is a supple and fast African gazelle. Presently, Reebok is a global leader of superb athletic footwear for not only sport and fitness, but also the casual market. Picking Reebok fitness exercise equipment is always sensible.


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