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Who doesn’t like to live in the present and enjoy all that life has to offer? But is it necessary to live without considering the future? Is it possible to guarantee a peaceful old age without planning it in the slightest?

To think that we will grow old is not for pessimists, but for the cautious, for those who want to continue enjoying life with the charm and beauty of all its phases. In case of Assistansbolag Stockholm this is important.

So, why not prepare yourself to reach the age of wisdom safely and serenely? In the middle of the 21st century, taking advantage of all the advances of humanity and creating innovation at a fast pace, are we still allowed to look at old age as a taboo?

In this article, we want to provoke your reflection at a high level. We will show you why it is important and how to ensure the peaceful, stable and happy old age that you and everyone deserves.

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The importance of financial planning to ensure a smooth old age

By 2050, the number of elderly people – people aged 60 and over – is expected to double. Worldwide, the elderly population is growing faster than all younger age groups. This is what a report by the United Nations points out.

  • In Brazil, the pace of population aging has also accelerated in recent years. Overall life expectancy jumped from 45.5 years in 1940 to 75.5 years in 2015. When analyzing the population over 60, the period registered an increase in expectation by 8.9 years rising from 13 , 2 to 22.1 years.
  • This demographic change is great, it shows that the world has improved in many ways, guaranteeing more life for humanity. The challenge now is to ensure this elderly population dignified conditions, which undoubtedly pervades economic aspects.
  • In other words, people are living longer, but they need to have money to maintain the same economic standard as when they were economically productive. That is why there are discussions about social security in many countries. Governments need to adapt social security legislation to this new reality.

However, in addition to macro-political movements, individuals must also adapt to this new reality. Being able to live longer, they must think and act towards old age without economic difficulties.This is where personal financial planning takes on an even longer term dimension. The future has been extended and therefore needs to be prepared in advance.

Financial planning, in personal terms, is, remember, the intelligent management of money, savings and investment of the individual.

Good personal financial planning includes mainly budget control, conscious spending and investments, as well as retirement forecasting. Now, all of this must be structured and carried out thinking about a broader third age.

Quiet old age as a goal

When we talk about quiet old age, we are referring to aspects that are much more practical than is usually thought. In other words, it is not something philosophical, even though the symbolic dimension of this is also important.