Gym Bangarang Muay Thai Training and Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Get Fitness, Agility and Health by Muay Thai Skills Training

Gym Bangarang is located in the verdure rice fields and hills of Chiang Mai, Thailand. A gym with a difference, Gym Bangarang offers you Muay Thai training – a martial art form central to Thailand that builds a whole range of physical and mental advantages like leanness, nimbleness, self-discipline, and focus.

What’s different about Gym Bangarang’s Muay Thai training is the incorporation of cardio, strength and conditioning training. At Gym Bangarang, you are accorded the opportunity to train with Chiang Mai Stadium Muay Thai Champions like Rajadamnern and Max Muay Thai. The 7 trainers/professionals who train guests are professional fighters who know the tools of the art like the back of their hand. You’d be delighted to know that the lead Muay Thai trainer at Gym Bangarang, Tommy Chairat Pinasa had won the Northern Thailand Championship Belt – his prolific fight record is impressive, having over 300 fights in his repertoire. All the carefully chosen trainers who work well as a team are absolute professionals with a cordial disposition – they will train you greatly so that all your fitness goals are achieved and fight levels are transcended.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, at Gym Bangarang, you will enjoy amenities most gyms don’t provide – top-notch Muay Thai training programs, stellar customer services and facilities like an on-site restaurant that provides healthy and tasty meals, private air-conditioned accommodation and more. The gym receives people from countries such as Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, UAE, etc. Communication isn’t a problem as the staff of Gym Bangarang speaks English and Thai. While being distraction free, the nearest airport is in close quarters within Chiang Mai.

Muay Thai classes are a daily affair at Gym Bangarang, starting at 10:30am-12:00pm and 3:00pm-4:30pm. To avoid overcrowding and to keep the classes efficient, the number of students is curtailed.

If you are interested in professional fighting, Gym Bangarang will organize fights for you in the stadiums in Chiang Mai.

Lose weight and get in shape by training in Muay Thai at Gym Bangarang and get the experience of a lifetime.

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