Home remedies for vulvitis 

Vulvitis is the inflammation of the vulva, the outer part of the female reproductive organ. It can happen together as vulvovaginitis with vaginitis, the inflammation of the vagina. There are a lot of causes that can contribute to vulvitis. Some of the common causes include irritation, allergies, infections, medications or skin diseases. Before getting any home remedies, it is important to know the cause of the vulvitis to ensure effective treatment. Vulvitis itself can be a tricky task to be diagnosed due to its difficulty of finding a specific cause. If you have a known cause for your vulvitis, these are some helpful home remedies that can help you to ease the pain, itchiness, and discomfort caused by the vulvitis. 

  1. a) Avoiding the irritants or actions that irritate the vulva :

Some scented products or perfumed soap contains a chemical irritant that can cause vulvitis. Stopping the usage of these products is the best way to cure your vulvitis. However, some brands of laundry detergent may contain chemical irritant, causing clothes washed by the detergent becoming a source of irritants. If you are swimming regularly, the chemical content in the swimming pool may cause dryness of your vulva, vulva irritation, and vulvitis. Some activities may also be associated with vulvitis such as horseback riding due to constant irritation during the rocking motion of horseriding. Remember most irritations have a cause irritant, wither a physical or chemical irritant. In general, avoiding these irritants can prevent vulva irritation in the future. 

  1. b) Wear loose clothing or cotton undergarments :

It is important to note that tight-fitting clothing and clothing materials that trap heat play an important part in vulva irritation. So, a change of clothing to loose-fitting and possibly cotton material is the best way to get around with vulvitis.

  1. c) No douching of the vagina :

Douching refers to the washing and cleaning of the vagina using water. Some women tend to do that, making them prone to an imbalance of microorganisms in the vagina. This can lead to vaginal candidiasis and associated with the douching practice. In truth, vaginal has a self-cleansing mechanism that helps to maintain vaginal hygiene. Therefore, there is no need for cleaning your vagina with water. If there is any discharge, you just need to wipe them off with paper towel or pads.

  1. d) Over the counter treatment :

Buying the over the counter treatment can help to reduce vulva irritation or itchiness. For any antibacterial or antifungal ointment, your condition must be seen as your doctor and given the prescription before buying the ointment. Using the wrong medication may not improve your condition. A sitz bath can help to reduce your vulva itchiness and makes you feel better.

These home remedies are only helpful if the cause of your vulvitis is identified and determined. If you are unsure of your condition, please talk to a doctor or healthcare providers to get medical advice. For more information, read vulvitis answers by DoctorOnCall on their website.   

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.