Is Dementia A Common Sickness For Old People?

Dementia , sometimes referred to as dementia syndrome, is not only widespread, it is also one of the diseases that many people fear in old age. The idea of ​​mentally breaking down, gradually forgetting everything and only having to live in the here and now is certainly scary. There are currently around 1.7 million people with dementia in spain and the number is increasing every year. It does not necessarily affect the elderly, and older people can also fall victim to dementia. There are a lot of different forms of dementia and the course of the disease is therefore not always uniform. In almost all cases, those affected need care sooner or later , be it home care or inpatient care services. In this overview, Auxiliatus explains everything you need to know about dementia. Different types of dementia are presented, causes are shown, the course of the disease is described, forms of therapy are explained and risk factors are listed.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia, or dementia syndrome, is known to many people. However, it is often not entirely clear what exactly this means. First of all, it is clear that dementia is a collective term that encompasses a whole range of diseases, all of which are characterized by similar symptoms, but at the same time have different causes. In order to create a better basis for the following article, we have  prepared a definition of dementia for you.

Dementia is described on the basis of symptoms that are manifested by an increasing decline in cognitive, social and emotional abilities, whereby the main symptom is always memory loss. In this context, professional skills are impaired and, later on, general social functions are lost.

The causes of dementia are largely clear nowadays, even if some triggers for science are still puzzling. In addition, the emergence is controversial and is therefore still the subject of medical research. In addition to the circumstances described in the definition, dementia sufferers can sometimes experience major personality changes. It is important in any case that you do not shrink from it when you realize that you are breaking down yourself. An undiagnosed dementia disease can particularly endanger the environment of the person concerned.

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