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Knee Pain and Other Conditions in Singapore Alternative Medicine Can Treat

There comes a point when other types of medicine cannot treat your ailments anymore. You need other ways of treating your knee pain in Singapore if you have it. Fortunately, you don’t need to completely turn away from alternative medicine to help you function in your daily life. You can get a chiropractor in Singapore or try dry needling to see if you can get better using alternative treatments.

But what conditions can alternative medicine treat? Clinics use alternative medicine to treat various ailments, including physical pains, deformities, and other things that may afflict you. Here are some conditions you may need help with when looking for alternative treatments.


When you have scoliosis in Singapore, you may experience the curvature of the spine that starts in your adolescent or younger years. While scoliosis often occurs in people with muscular dystrophy and other conditions, the causes of most childhood scoliosis are unknown to doctors. Most cases of scoliosis are mild but worsen as children grow up. Chiropractic treatment is said to help in treating this condition, with regular adjustments done to realign muscles, bones, and joints. It is possible to correct scoliosis using advanced chiropractic treatment.


Also called adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulders involve stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. More often than not, many people with frozen shoulders cannot move their shoulders because of intense pain that originates from the joint. Having to keep your shoulders still for extended periods can cause an increased likelihood of having frozen shoulders. An example would be not moving the shoulders after a shoulder injury has occurred near your joints. For frozen shoulder treatment in Singapore, you might want to start by using range-of-motion exercises to ‘thaw’ the frozen joint. It is rare to need numbing medications, surgery, or more for a frozen shoulder, but you are free to consult a doctor when you need the treatment.


The condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome because of the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in your wrist. If the nerve is pinched or damaged, it can result in serious consequences for the patient, including weak grips and tingling sensations up the arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment includes resting the hand and wrist splinting in Singapore.

With Orchard Health Clinic, you can begin to receive remedies for different types of physical pains. Learn more about their services here.


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