LASIK Surgery In Singapore: 4 Things You Should Know

Our eyes allow us to see and appreciate the world while witnessing the greatness of its inhabitants and ourselves. But like all body parts, our eyes can experience various issues affecting their appearance and functionality. Our vision can get blurry from near or far-sightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Impaired eyesight can also stem from migraines, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or psoriasis. Thankfully, eye experts work tirelessly to develop and improve various treatments to address blurry vision—and LASIK surgery is one of them.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, or LASIK in Singapore, is a surgical procedure that uses a laser to resolve issues resulting from refractive errors—concerns that stem from your eye’s inability to bend light correctly. Eye doctors or ophthalmologists use LASIK to help individuals having trouble seeing near or far objects and those with cornea irregularities that cause them to see distorted images.

Eye specialists perform LASIK surgery in Singapore with a programmed laser to remove and reshape your eyes. They cut off a thin layer at the front of the cornea, revealing the area they need to adjust. The laser will then sculpt or mould the cornea according to your refractive error and eye shape, treating your myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. The specialists will finally close the flap and allow it to heal and reseal within a few hours.

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting LASIK Surgery

More and more individuals are undergoing LASIK due to its effectiveness and reliability. They also choose surgery since they prefer to get permanently treated for their eye issues instead of relying on devices like eyeglasses and contact lenses. Despite the prevalence of other remedies like the less invasive ReLEx SMILE in Singapore, numerous individuals still lean towards LASIK surgery because of the results it produces for millions of people worldwide.

If you plan on undergoing LASIK surgery, you should research the procedure to understand everything it can and cannot do for you. Scroll through to learn about the four things you should know about LASIK.

1. LASIK Surgery Takes Less Than An Hour

Unlike other medical procedures, LASIK surgery only takes 30 minutes or less. Your doctor can complete the flap-making and reshaping process within more or less 30 seconds, allowing you to leave the hospital the same day you receive your treatment.

2. LASIK Surgery Does Not Produce Immediate Effects

Like the nearsighted-exclusive treatment SMILE LASIK in Singapore, the typical laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis procedure cannot correct your vision ASAP. Expect fuzzy and hazy eyesight for a few hours or days before starting to see clearly.

3. LASIK Surgery Requires Aftercare

After undergoing your LASIK procedure, avoid eye strain or getting debris into your eyes. It would also be best to keep your distance from eye makeup or skin care products that may irritate your eyes and cause complications to ensure its effectiveness.

4. LASIK Surgery Has A Few Side Effects

Like virtually every surgical treatment, LASIK surgery can cause a few side effects. As your eyes adjust to your new cornea, your eyesight will get blurry now and then. Your eyes may also become dry, red, and sensitive to light for a few weeks following your procedure.
Nova Eye Centre and its reliable specialists can help you determine if undergoing LASIK surgery in Singapore is the best treatment for your eye issue. Contact them today to book a consultation about this innovative eye regimen.

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