Negative sides of a marijuana dispensary, which easily outweighs its benefits

Medical marijuana is used to treat many types of cancer as well as AIDS patients. There is much bright side marijuana, but like all other things, it also has its dark sides. Research shows and claims that it brings up more inferior complex and can also lead to depression of patients. So that is the reason everyone should approach marijuana dispensary in Des Moines, WA. Because they have the most experienced as well as educated staff with them which provide proper knowledge to consumers of marijuana about pros and cons of cannabis.

Limitations of marijuana 

Increased risk of Psychosis- marijuana is one of the most potent drugs one can have. It not affects the body but also increases mental illness as well. Some of the most dangerous kinds of mental illness are increased confusion and memory loss of consumer. This also tends to increase suicide tendency in human, depression, and anxiety level also rise gradually in the consumption of marijuana. Main two components of marijuana tetrahydrocannabinol and endocannabinoids, which can cause several life taking diseases to the human body and can cause death.

Increased chances of cancer- by smoking marijuana for longer time defiantly cause lunge and throat cancer to the human body. Because of the carcionengets present in cannabis in very higher number. National drug association clearly showed the figures of toxic components available in marijuana which can make our life very quickly. They also state that marijuana smoke contains 60@% more nicotine than a cigarette, which harms our lungs on the next level. The main reason that marijuana causes cancer is that they damage the DNA of the human body as well as there are higher chances of tumor growth in the lungs and throat. Marijuana also directly affects our respiratory and nervous system.

Increased glaucoma- earlier marijuana was used to treat eye disease named as glaucoma. But a recent study by marijuana dispensary in Des Moines, WA said that marijuana pressurized eye muscles. Which directly cause glaucoma leakage inside eye muscles, causing irritation or even blindness to the consumer of cannabis. A current study done by food and research department tells us that there are higher chances of high pressure and increased heart rate. Which disturbs the overall internal system of the human body.

Slowed coordination– with regular and more extended consumption of marijuana, it causes a lack of coordination of mind and body. Because cannabis kills the mind cells in very higher number, which directly blocks our brain nerves and causing blood blockage in mind. It also troubles in recognizing the shape and size of the object, and they also have lower control over remembering and collecting things in their mind.

Heart damage- consumption of marijuana increases the heart rate with 25% upto three hours, which leads to high blood pressure and increased flow of blood in the body — resulting in failures of many organs.

Final words 

To conclude, this article mainly focused on the dark side of marijuana consumption which directly affects our mind and causing cancer to our human body.

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