The Best Cannabis Vape Pen Buying Guide

If you ask several cannabis users, they will tell you that they would rather use a vape pen than rolling a joint. This is with good reason. They can easily get their high-quality cannabis from a dispensary in 98409 

and consume it anywhere. It is all about convenience.

More so, whether it is medical or recreational marijuana, they can easily control the portions they take. With a vaporizer, you can comfortably consume your marijuana wherever you are without worrying about the ash and scent.

To ultimately enjoy your cannabis, however, you must have a good vaporizer. Here is the checklist to use.

  1. Adjustable temperature settings

The best vaporizer should have a low battery voltage and adjustable temperature. It is important to note that vaping with hot batteries increases your chances of inhaling carcinogens. You should work with a vaporizer with as low a temperature as possible and reduce your exposure to smoke.

While that is the case, ensure that the batteries have a long life, lest you will be forced to replace them regularly. Good battery life will also ensure that you make the most out of the portability of your vaporizer.

  1. Quality airflow

This is certainly something you want to consider when buying a vape pen. The better the airflow quality, the more you will enjoy marijuana from the number 1 dispensary in Tacoma, Washington. Quality airflow essentially means the pen should exhibit high performance when it comes to the air intake.

It will be a plus if it is possible to adjust the airflow of the pen. Why is this important? The experience will be smoother, and especially for your throat. You will also enjoy the full flavor of cannabis. 

  1. Design

Apart from functionality, something else worth looking at is the design. This will determine how easy it will be to carry around the pen in your purse or bag. Also, you want your pen to stand out among your friends. Everyone would love to have a stylish pen, so add this to the checklist.

Smart alerts would also help. For instance, it could alert you on the battery and charging status. 

  1. 510 thread compatibility

A flexible vape pen that can work with multiple cannabis oil cartridges would be ideal. This means that your options and choices will increase when choosing cannabis oil for your pen. The good thing about the 510 thread is that it works for all cartridges sizes. Keep in mind that manufacturers produce different sizes.

  1. Reliable brand or vendor

Buy your pen from a reliable vendor that can provide a warranty. This is an indicator that they are confident about the quality of their products. You can visit the City of Tacoma Washington website for support in navigating the city and locating vape pen vendors. 


Vape pens provide comfort and convenience, which make marijuana consumption even more exciting. Use the checklist above to purchase a vape pen with good battery life, design, and quality airflow.

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