The Ultimate Guide to Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is an international investment program that allows foreign investors to move to Canada by investing in the Quebec economy. Established in 1986, the program has become a popular option for investors seeking an opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residency. In this blog post, we will delve into all the necessary details on quebec investor program including its requirements, procedures and benefits to help you understand if it’s the right program for you.

1. Requirements & Eligibility

To qualify for the Quebec Investor Program, applicants must meet certain eligibility conditions. Besides having a minimum net worth of CAD 1.6 million, the applicants must be willing to invest CAD 800,000 in an approved investment program, have at least two years of managerial experience, and undergo a medical checkup. Applicants that meet these criteria will be entered into a selection pool and will be assessed based on their language proficiency, educational qualifications and other selection factors.

2. Investment Options

The Quebec Investor Program requires candidates to make an investment of CAD 800,000. The investments are managed by the Quebec government and are primarily made in the following areas: real estate development, manufacturing, energy, and forestry. The investment must be made for a period of five years without interest. At the end of the five-year investment term, the applicant will receive the full amount back, without any interest paid.

3. Permanent Residency

One of the main benefits of the Quebec Investor Program is permanent residency. Successful applicants and their family members will receive Canadian permanent residency and can enjoy all the benefits that come with it. These benefits include free healthcare, access to education, and the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.

4. Application Process

Applying for the Quebec Investor Program can be a complex process. Applicants must first submit an Expression of Interest indicating their interest in the program. If they meet the minimum requirements, they will then be invited to apply for the program. As part of the application process, applicants must also submit various documents, such as proof of net worth, proof of investment funds, and a medical exam. The entire process can take up to 36 months to complete.

5. Comparison to Other Investment Programs

Quebec Investor Program is unique compared to other investment programs. For instance, Quebec’s investor program doesn’t require direct investment in a business or create employment opportunities for Quebec residents. Investors are allowed to reside anywhere in Canada and with their Canadian passport, they are allowed to travel visa-free throughout most of the world. The Quebec Investor Program can also be the only fast-track way for high-net-worth individuals to obtain Canadian permanent residency. In comparison, other Canadian immigration programs have strict requirements for language proficiency and skilled work experience.


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program offers a unique opportunity for wealthy individuals to obtain Canadian permanent residency. While the application process can be complex, successful applicants can enjoy the benefits of living and doing business in Canada. By understanding the program requirements, investment options, and application process, investors can make an informed decision on whether the Quebec Investor Program is right for them.

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