Tummy Tuck In Santa Monica – Get Back To Bikini Body!

If you have been trying enough to control your diet and maintain that exercise schedule but your daily routines and responsibilities have been more than they just seem to be, you sure have other options to consider rather than being disheartened. And it’s not just about the look and feel, if you are going through specific medical issues that need this support that we call a Tummy Tuck, you should sure go for it after medical consultation and under supervision of best tummy tuck surgeon in Santa Monica.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to remove loose sagging skin and fat from the abdomen and tighten the muscles so that the stomach appears flat and toned. This procedure is not just limited to women, we serve men also at our cosmetic surgery clinic at Beverly Hills to get into better shape and make a difference to their health and looks.

Let’s see when you might need a tummy tuck.

Pregnancy has changed your shape and you don’t have ample time and all that energy to focus on your diet and exercise regime for months at stretch. Once your little human is out into this world in your arms, the extended belly sags down with stretched abdominal muscles and loose, excess skin. This is when you need a mommy makeover at Santa Monica clinic.

Age has been playing its part and as the metabolism slows down and muscle mass naturally declines, you might tend to start gaining weight and getting out of shape. A tummy tuck will help you gain back your shape and confidence.

If you have weak abdominal wall muscles which can cause other situations like hernias or back pain, the lighter you are at your belly the better you hold your posture and keep these problems at bay.

A tummy tuck not only removes the excess skin and fat, it also removes the incision scars and stretch marks to give you back your bikini look.

Natural birth or other medical conditions may cause stress urinary incontinence characterized by uncontrollable urine leakage when one coughs, exercises, sneezes or even laughs. Abdominoplasty helps tighten the abdominal muscles to increase bladder control.

Double board-certified, best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr.Raffy Karamanoukian guides you regarding the need of a tummy tuck and what kind of procedure would you need, a mini Abdominoplasty or a full. You are in safe hands here!

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