What Is Mandibular Prognathism, and How Is It Treated?

Prognathism is a condition that affects the natural structure of a person’s face; it refers to the fact that the jaw protrudes more than usual. There are different types, they include: Mandibular prognathism: when the lower jaw protrudes; and Prognathism of the upper jaw: when the upper jaw is protruding. As a dentist at a New West dental clinic explains, prognathism can cause an overbite or an underbite, depending on which jaw is affected. It can also be a sign of a medical condition that requires special treatment.

You should talk to a dental hygienist if your jaw protrudes and you’re having trouble speaking, biting, or chewing.New West dental clinic

What Is Mandibular Prognathism?

As we mentioned above, this type of prognathism occurs in the lower jaw in the chin and extends the shape of the face more forward than it should be.

Humans, unlike primates, have an orthognathic face, meaning our face is below the anterior cranial fossa, which is the area behind the forehead that supports the lobes of the brain.

Mammals have prognathous faces that project forward from the cranial cavity. Therefore, prognathism means that the chin protrudes from the face and looks like a bump.

What Are the Causes of Mandibular Prognathism?

All types of prognathism can be caused by misalignment of teeth, genetic disorders, or an underlying disease. One person may be able to live a normal life with the condition, but others may have difficulty speaking, eating, or breathing.

The main cause of mandibular prognathism is misaligned teeth, which can cause a change in the shape of the jaw as the jaw grows. Some people can be born with this disease. Their face has a structure from birth where the jaw bone protrudes.

On the other hand, medical conditions that can cause prognathism include:


Is a condition that occurs when the body produces too much growth hormone, causing the body’s tissues to enlarge. In the case of prognathism, the jaw continues to grow after it stops naturally.

Congenital basal cell carcinoma syndrome: 

It is a rare and hereditary disease and causes abnormalities in the facial structure, such as widening of the nose, receding eyes, big eyebrows, and prognathism.


This is a rare disorder that some people are born with. It can cause short stature, a small nose, hearing problems, protruding jaw, and other diseases.

Genetic disorders: 

Some genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, cause prognathism.

There may be genetic causes of prognathism, it is not always passed down from generation to generation, but it can happen. If the family has a medical history, there is a possibility of prognathism in children.

How Is Prognathism Treated and Corrected?

As we mentioned before, it can be the product of a disease; in these cases, the first thing to do is to see a doctor to diagnose the problem. And this indicates treatment according to its cause.

You can also visit a maxillofacial surgeon for a more natural face through surgery. Well, this specialist can change the shape of the facial bones through orthognathic surgery. During the surgery, parts of the jaw bones are removed and put in place. And after that, you should follow a special diet for about 6 weeks until the jaw heals.

The orthodontist can also diagnose prognathism and perform orthodontic braces to correct the prognathous jaw. The latter can cooperate with the maxillofacial surgeon to have a better result. Patients can even choose a smile design after the treatment is completed.New West dental clinic

Can Prognathism Be Prevented?

You cannot avoid having a protruding or lower jaw, as genetic conditions can mainly cause this. A prominent jawline can flatter your face shape without causing discomfort.

If you want to avoid changing the shape of your mouth, you need to worry about the alignment of your teeth. For example, using a brace, retainer, or mouth guard to help correct bite problems.

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