When Does Your Child Need to Visit a Paediatric ENT Specialist in Singapore?

The ear, nose and throat region (also known as the ENT region) is prone to many medical conditions that may affect your overall health. If you want to remain healthy, you must see an ENT doctor in Singapore in Singapore about any problems affecting the ENT area of your body.

But adults are not the only people who fall prey to ENT issues. Children are also at high risk for ear, nose, and throat problems. When this happens, you must take your child to a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore. They are ENT doctors treating children’s ear, nose, and throat issues.

Here are some medical problems children are especially prone to contracting.

1) Sleep apnea

If your child snores often or regularly, they might have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea in Singapore is a condition associated with older adults, but children may have it because of different causes. You must send them to an ENT doctor to know more about the cause.

2) Swimmer’s ear

The swimmer’s ear is caused by bacteria or fungi and results in the inflammation of the external ear canal. Water that remains trapped in the ear because of the inflammation may cause further growth of bacteria or fungi. Upon discovering the ear infection in their children, one must go to an ENT doctor.

3) Tonsillitis

If one has problems swallowing, experiences pain in the back of the throat, and exhibits other worrying symptoms regarding their tonsils, they might be experiencing tonsillitis. A visit to the ENT doctor might be necessary to recover from an illness. Tonsillitis may lead to the removal of the tonsils, also known as a tonsillectomy procedure.

Dr Jenica Yong runs an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore for children. For more information on how to help your children recover from any ENT issues

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