Who Can Take Advantage Of Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the jaw area and facial deformation (poor bite). Orthodontists specially trained in correcting these problems and restoring smile fitness, utility and a beautiful cosmetic look. Although orthodontics was initially intended to treat children and adolescents, approximately one-third of orthodontic patients are now adults. An orthodontist can successfully treat a person of any age.

A malocclusion (improper bite) can affect anyone at any age, clarity of speech, ability to chew, and a person’s facial contours. Besides, excessive malocclusion can also cause many severe dental and physical conditions such as digestive problems, TMJ, periodontal disease, and severe tooth malfunction. Avoid costly restorative procedures in the future. It is important to seek orthodontic treatment.

What types of problems can orthodontics treat?

Orthodontics can treat a wide range of dental problems and in most cases, Teeth can be completely recovered. It may work alone or in combination with a maxillofacial surgeon.

Irregularities requiring orthodontic treatment are as follows:

Overcrowding – A crowded mouth means that there is not enough space for all adult teeth within the jawbone to be sufficient. Congestion can result in disordered teeth, twitching, or completely misaligned teeth.

Overbite– It is referred to as the maximal (upper jaw) protrusion relative to the mandible (lower jaw). An overbite gives a smile a “toothy” look and the chin looks as if it has come again.

Underbite– It is also known as a negative underjet, refers to the maxilla (upper jaw) protrusion of the mandible (lower jaw). The chin looks very prominent with an underbite. Developmental delays and genetic factors typically contribute to precipitates and overbites.

How can orthodontics help?

Orthodontic dentistry provides a strategy for re-showing teeth and reviving a smile. Based on the results of panoramic X-rays, research models (bite marks), and detailed visual inspection, there are several treatments that orthodontists may use.

It is possible to use fixed dental braces to correct the most severe case of misalignment. These braces have metal or ceramic brackets attached to each tooth and an archwire is used to move the teeth slowly through the treatment period.

Removable equipment contains headgear (consisting of a metal wire device attached to a custom brace), Invisalign aligners, retainer (virtually invisible to the naked eye), palate expanders, and tooth movers. Faceguards are commonly used to correct developmental delays in the upper and lower jaws, and palate expanders’ use in the fight against congestion.

Whatever a person’s dental irregularity or age, orthodontic appliances can realign teeth correctly and create a beautiful smile.

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