4 Marketing Tips To Increase Sales For Your Short Term Service Apartment In Singapore

Are you suffering from low-income issues for your short term service apartment rentals in Singapore? As a business owner, there are times when your business would have challenges, given that the renting industry is becoming known. The competition for apartment rentals is increasing, so here are four tips to step up your game.

  1. Use technology to your advantage.

One tip to popularise your short term serviced apartment rental in Singapore is through the use of technology. Nowadays, various rental platforms on the internet, such as Airbnb, HomeAway,, and many more. Airbnb has been the leading vacation rental platform all over the globe. Take high-quality photos of your apartment, and share them on the Airbnb platform.

  1. Design a visually-appealing apartment.

Two of the main factors that renters check are affordability and interior design. As a rental owner, keep in mind that a budget short term accommodation in Singapore has more value with a cosy interior design. Have comfy sofa seats, add gadgets they can use while staying, dining tables, etc.

  1. Set your target audience.

Serviced apartments in Singapore with short term services are sought-after by millennials. They utilised apartments for stay-cations with their friends or partner. In the most recent global survey, millennials are the top users of Airbnb, reaching 44 million listings last year. They look for affordable options that offer a wide variety of activities inside the apartment.

  1. Communicate effectively.

Practice properly communicating with your guests. Reply faster, so they won’t look for another option. Provide all necessary details when they ask. Encourage your guests to leave a review to know which needs improvement.

Whether for travel, work, or stay-in purposes, a short term serviced apartment rental in Singapore is highly in demand. If you’re looking for marketing strategies to keep your apartment rentals in the limelight, you might want to consider these tips. 

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