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Dieting Is For Losers! Are You Addicted To Dieting?

Millions of us are still struggling to lose fat, trying one new diet after another, new diet pills, prescription pills, or the latest killer star-studded exercise CD. The thing we need to remember is that we are all built differently, not only on the outside but also chemically, on the inside. And at the end of the day, while most of us might have been successful on our new fab diet for a while, others are busily gaining their weight back, maybe even more. Why? Because we need to stop dieting! Dieting is making us fatter. Dieting is for losers! Is it possible that we love to keep pounding away at our self-esteem; or are we addicted to dieting?

Trying Dr. Atkins in high school, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet (I can’t believe I saw a recipe today for the cabbage soup diet), salads only diet, even plain old starvation. Detoxifying our bodies with pills to cleanse our colon, but at the same time diuretics are removing vital fluids. Starvation never worked for anyone and it is still as dangerous as it was before.

Some of us got into real trouble, maybe even close to death and didn’t have a choice except to opt for the more dangerous surgery or we might die. We can get our stomachs stapled, or even get our fat sucked out. These procedures are dangerous, invasive, and extremely painful. Not a very good fat fix for those of us who still have some control over our own fat loss. Unless our life is in imminent danger, we’d better take a hard look at what it is we are really trying to accomplish? Remember always, that obesity could actually be our own death sentence.

If it isn’t obesity that gets us, many other illnesses or diseases caused by obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer will. The list is extensive and just as deadly. It is a sickening vicious circle that we are addicted to. We keep chasing our dreams and goals down a rabbit hole, right after all of our hard-earned money. As a society today, we have been trained like rats to chase after the next best and biggest name for weight loss, no matter the cost.

When we hear the sound of a new pill with ingredients from some far away country that just hit the market, we must try it because it is making us a promise that we might be able to get skinny without exercise! Even Dr. Oz has put his name on the last and latest pill out that have millions already chasing it.

At the age of 56, I have already had a hysterectomy, had my thyroid removed, and then last year an emergency gall bladder removal. So I am wondering if I am in the worst shape of all to even be able to lose weight. The hormones that we are supposed to have working for us in order to lose a single pound? Mine are gone. I can tell you for certain that I will need a great amount of help losing the extra 80 lbs that I need to lose. I will obviously need outside help for which I must insist that it come in the form of organic compounds that support natural weight loss.


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