Easy Choices for the best Mattresses for Comfort

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40 is the number of times we turn around on average per night or 14,600 nocturnal movements each year for a sleeper. What put your mattress to the test over the years? One in five French people is insomniac, one in ten suffers from drowsiness. The choice of bedding is therefore not trivial. Adopting a good mattress can help you find a restful sleep. 

Latex, spring or foam mattresses, soft or firm support, soft reception

These are terms that we sometimes find ourselves a bit lost in, as bedding technologies are so innovative today. How do you know which one is right for you? How do I know which mattress to buy? Which mattress to choose so that it is suitable for your sleeping habits? At the place, a good mattress must meet 4 criteria: support, ventilation, reception and good dimensions. In this article, we suggest 3 tips for choosing the right bedding technology for your sleeping needs. You can go for the most comfortable mattresses here.


The suspension is the first point to look at to make the right choice. The different bedding technologies (foam, latex or springs) will meet your needs which remain very personal. Whether it’s daily use or occasional use, your choice of mattress will not be the same. Each technology has its own advantages and properties.

When we talk about support, we are talking about technology but also about firmness: rather flexible support, firm support, very firm support.

Misconceptions that a rather soft mattress would damage the back, while a very firm mattress would be synonymous with discomfort: this is both entirely true and false. The support of the mattress is directly linked to your physiology, a small size will find happiness with a mattress with a rather flexible support, while a more stout size will be perfectly comfortable with very firm support. As part of a couple with different builds, you can either opt for “compromised” support, or opt for two different support mattresses, provided they are the same thickness.

Whatever the suspension concerned (foam, latex, spring), it exerts a thrust proportional to the pressure exerted. Do not confuse support and welcome: you can absolutely have firm support and a soft welcome that will meet both a physiological need and a need to feel comfortable. When sitting on the mattress you first feel the welcome, so do not trust this first impression and lie down to feel the support.

Latex Mattress

When we talk about latex, we immediately think of elasticity. Latex is a natural component extracted from the rubber tree, which is none other than a tree from Southeast Asia. The two advantages of a latex mattress are

Comfort zones : Latex mattresses offer good sleeping independence and high support accuracy


Latex is a naturally flexible material. Thus, the feeling of support will always be a little more flexible than announced. This is information to remember when making your selection, especially if you previously had spring bedding.