Filing a Philips CPAP Lawsuit: How a Lawyer Can Increase Your Chances of Success

Philips CPAP lawsuit machines have been recalled by its maker Philips Respironics because of possible health risks such as cancer. If you have used one of these machines and suffer an injury or illness because of it, you may want to file a Philips CPAP lawsuit to get financial compensation. 

A lot of those who have used these machines have complained about black debris or particles in their airpath circuit. Possible risks associated with the use of these sleep apnea machines can be life-threatening including cancer, kidney, liver, or lung damage, chest pressure, and upper airway infection. Originally, the company recalled its products in April 2021 and updated the recall in June this year. If you have used the company’s CPAP machine and have suffered adverse side effects, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Such recalls are new and your case may move quickly. 

What are CPAP Machines

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machines are designed to help patients with sleep apnea breathe easily while they sleep. They deliver a continuous oxygen flow to the patient’s respiratory system. These machines keep the airways of the patient open and ensure normal breathing. They come with a motor, a connecting tube, mask, adjustable straps, and headgear. According to CPAP lawsuits, the machines have defective foam material that can be degraded and inhaled, possibly increasing a user’s risk of cancer and other injuries. 

CPAP Lawsuit Allegations

Lawsuits filed against Philips for their CPA P machines alleged violations such as a design defect and failure to warn. Apart from allegedly using dampening foam material, the company allegedly failed to warn its consumers about the possible risks. 

Do You Need a Lawyer for Filing a CPAP Claim?

Although anybody can file a claim, this complex legal matter requires working with a skilled lawyer. A CPAP lawsuit lawyer can look over your documentation including your medical records to ensure you have a viable lawsuit against the company. A great lawyer will advocate for your rights and ensure you get the compensation the company owes you. They have the resources and experience to go up against a big company like Philips Respironics. 

The best attorney will perform a thorough investigation of the recall. They make sure you are assessed by trusted medical experts to determine how the CPAP machine has impacted your health. Also, they will handle all communications and negotiations with the company, their insurers, and legal teams to make sure you cover your needed compensation. 

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