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Gift your child an impressive height with the right approach

Height plays a vital role in the first impression of the person. Most of the parents want their kids to be tall so that they can live with confidence and impress others instantly. People view short boys and girls as less attractive. Children with short heights often have to face teasing and ignorance in school. With an ideal height, every kid can enjoy their life at fullest, and in some parts of society, height is considered as the indicator of good health too. Although the gene has the upper hand in determining the height of the child with a few simple methods, it is possible to improve the chances of your kids grow up to be tall.

Proper nutrition

Ensure that your child is getting proper nutrition. Milk is an inevitable ingredient of every child’s diet hence research for the best Milk that affects height (นม เพิ่ม ความ สูง which is the term in thai) and include it in your kid’s diet. Ensure the formula milk contains vitamin D, calcium, omega three, and other essential nutrients for height development.  A balanced diet inclusive of minerals like calcium and potassium, lean protein, zinc, etc. would make your child taller and stronger by every means.

Stretching exercises

Induce the habit of regular stretching exercises in your child from an early age. Even the simple stretching exercises can have a huge impact on their height. Stretching not only elongates the spine and also improves the posture of your child. 

Other physical activities

Some of the other activities such as running, swimming, yoga, jogging, skipping, hanging, etc. will improve height and promote overall good health. Encourage your kids for physical activities, and you too accompany them for motivation. 

Good sleep

To ensure that growth hormone in children, HGH is released inadequate amount make your sleep for a good 8 -14 hours on most nights as per their age.


Some of the medicines can interfere with the growth of the child. Hence consult with the doctor if your kid’s medication is restricting his/her growth.


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