How the role of self-sufficient living has boomed up due to the outbreak of the corona virus!!

There have been many pandemic diseases that have taken their place in our daily lives. From Black Death to Spanish flu in the Middle Ages and the corona virus, which is the latest and undoubtedly one of the deadliest viruses existed and impacted the human community. Corona virus is taking the lives of many people daily and becoming more dangerous and out of control. And this is the main reason why controlling this virus is considered as one of the most challenging tasks to complete because it is the virus that can be easily spread through social interaction.

This virus is strongly affecting our food supply chain as the entire factories and production house has been shut down. Because of this emergency and this is why all the essential items are facing a shortage in their supply. Therefore this is why all the major supermarkets of the entire world have no stock in their pocket. And people are craving to have an appropriate and sufficient amount of food.

How can we use the greenhouse to full potential?

As we have mentioned the fact that there has been a shortage of food and other essential items in the market because of the disturbed supply chain of the market. And this is why, in this time, the greenhouse has one of the most significant impacts to save the human community from hunger. In these glasshouses, we can quickly grow desirable vegetable fruits and other food items by controlling and operating the temperature for some time. Majorly in these growing areas, we have to manage and maintain the temperature which any vegetable requires growing, and by controlling these aspects, we can quickly increase the specific amount of green and other food items to come to the urges of our hunger.

There are numerous plus points of eating food which we have grown by self quarantine gardening as they are best and organic food which we can consume. As they have no chemicals and other human interaction while growing up. There has been a massive shortage of food, and no supermarket has a sufficient amount of food. So this is why, with the help of a greenhouse, we can quickly eat safe, healthy, and organic food and stay fit. As corona virus is the virus that can be transmitted into one human body to another in no time, and this is why government authorities of every country have ordered and requested their citizens to self Quarantine themselves. So that transmission of this virus can be stopped, and everything can come back on track quickly. 

Best way to stop Covid19!!

With the help of social distancing and self-quarantine our self, we can easily stay away from this virus. Adding on, one has to wash their hands regularly and avoid touching their face, eyes, and mouth so that virus does not get any entry point into our body. We can stay healthy, and this pandemic can be stopped quickly without hurting the human community more.   

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