Pros and Cons of Whitening Injection

Whithening Injection in “Khon Kaen” (ฉีดผิวขาว ขอนแก่น, which is the term in Thai) leaves patients with a fairer and radiant skin tone by removing all skin imperfections such as acne spots, acne scars, and pigmentation marks. Skin whitening injection also improves and enhances the skin texture by keeping it moisturized and more flexible. On the surface of the skin, it minimizes the wrinkles present on the face, which gives the face a shiny and radiant skin tone. Here are some pros and cons of glutathione skin whitening injections.


Leaves the Skin Radiant and Fairer

Glutathione is found in oranges; hence, dry orange peel mask is used as a home remedy. Glutathione, however, is best effective when it is taken in through skin whitening injections because they go straight into the bloodstream and repairs the muscle tissues with its effects gradually seen. It leaves the skin radiating with a fairer skin tone

Improved Skin Health

Glutathione skin whitening injections treat skin conditions and can treat problems such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or melasma.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Skin whitening can help you look younger. Asides, the actual main skin lightening benefit, it also gives you a youthful look, especially if you had blemishes or spots before the procedure.


Affecting the Natural Process

The human body produces glutathione on its own; introducing the bloodstream with artificial glutathione and injections can impede the natural production, leaving you more dependent on these injections.

Heath Disorders

In some cases, you might not get a proper lightening of the skin, but instead, you might end up with patches on your skin, which can lead to infections if not treated properly.

Linked to Cancer

The presence of hydroquinone in glutathione can increase the risk of skin cancer. Skin whitening injections leaves the skin more defenseless to UV rays. Hence the use of SPF50 sunblock is important when hydroquinone based products are used in skin treatment.

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