The New Hormonal Test To Perform At Home Without Going To The Doctor

Medical advances develop very quickly, and they also do so in all their aspects and specializations. One of the benefits of this specialization is the opportunity to access services both privately and publicly.

You don’t have to move from home and make those long medical lines. One of the tests that are being most demanded is the one based on a hormonal sample to know if everything is working in order

What Is A Dry Urine Hormone Test

complete hormonal urine test is a complete test that allows us to find out states that are not possible with other simpler tests such as a blood test. This test is more specific, so it gives us more detailed information about other variables that cannot be captured with other types of more general tests. This hormonal analysis is based on a sample of dry chemical urine from which hormones and metabolites are measured. It allows detecting any hormonal mismatch, as well as the risk of suffering from cancer. The analysis of these two elements, hormones and metabolites, determine the difference in our body between the production and the elimination of both. The results will be decisive to know if there is any problem in our body.

The measurements performed by this type of test are very varied and specific, which a traditional urine, blood or saliva test could not do. The dry urine hormone test [ตรวจฮอร์โมน which is the term in Thai] measures variables such as cortisol metabolites, androgen metabolites, estrogen metabolites, melatonin levels, menstrual cycles, fertility hormones and other hormones. With the analysis of these measurements, mismatches and diseases can be detected quickly.

Is The Dry Urine Hormone Test Suitable For Both Sexes

There is both a hormonal test for men and women. Although we are constantly talking about hormones, and these are always related to women, this does not mean that the test is indicated only for them. This test works equally with men, with the same accuracy and reliability.

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