Types of running and Roids depending on goals: fat burning or endurance training

Aerobic type of running load, which allows you to:

Get rid of excess weight. Low-intensity jogging is the best fat burner among all types of running load.

  • Improve health. It is jogging that is attributed to all the useful properties of this exercise. Jogging improves the hormonal and lymphatic systems, helps the brain generate the right thoughts. Tired of life problems – just run for 30-40 minutes. A long, low-intensity workout “winds” unnecessary thoughts out of your head.
  • Join a healthy lifestyle. Short (15-20 minutes) daily runs at an easy pace are a model of healthy lifestyle. These runs increase quality and increase longevity.

Type of run No. 2. Sprinting

Anaerobic type of running, with which you can:

  • Build muscle mass. Especially in the lower body. Sprinting raises testosterone levels in men by 20-30%, which indirectly leads to a set of muscles throughout the body.
  • Lose weight. Roids in USA have a positive effect on the hormonal system. When using sprints along with running at an easy pace, hormones are released that accelerate fat burning at times.
  • Do two things at once. Sprint running is a simultaneous set of muscle mass and fat burning.

Type of run No. 3. Aerobic heart rate jogging

Running in the aerobic heart rate zone (110-140 beats per minute) is suitable for:

  • Fat burning. Slightly more effective than jogging. Depending on the condition of the athlete’s cardiovascular system, jogging may equal running in the aerobic pulse zone.

Type of run No. 4. Interval Run

A mixture of aerobic and anaerobic jogging, with which you can:

Burn fat. Interval running is the best option for the production of fat-burning hormones. The intensity of training is higher than running at a light pace or aerobic zone. With the same duration, interval running burns more calories than the types of running activity listed above.

Build muscle mass. Significantly less than with sprinting, but muscle tone can be brought.

Develop the respiratory system. Interval running is useful for fighters or athletes who are representatives of endurance sports.

Type of run No. 5. Uphill

One of the most inaccessible, but most effective types of running, with which an athlete can:

Build muscle mass. Running uphill creates a big load for the muscles of the lower body. The production of hormones allows you to build muscle on the top.

Significantly improve the work of the respiratory system. Training on the plain after working uphill seems like a walk. For fans of hardcore – running uphill in a training mask. The maximum possible burden on the respiratory system. Before using the mask, run for several weeks on the slopes without it.

Burn fat. Running uphill takes the body to the limits of power. The hormonal, lymphatic, musculoskeletal and all organ systems in the body work intensely. The required calories are produced, the maximum number of calories burns.

Running uphill can be simulated on a treadmill with maximum lift.

Type of run number 6. Shuttle run

Shuttle Run helps:

  • Improve coordination of movements in space;
  • Increase explosive speed;
  • Supplement workouts for losing weight or gaining muscle mass. Shuttle running is inferior to sprinting in efficiency, but there is no need to abandon it.

Type of run number 7. Marathon run

Marathon running is:

  • Maximum development of endurance. Athletes for whom endurance is a priority need to use training programs for the marathon and regularly run 21-42 km.
  • Losing weight. Low-intensity long-distance running is the best option for losing weight. Doubt – look at the marathon runners.
  • Cleansing the body of harmful substances.
Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.