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What Are The Wrinkles And How to Cure Them Using A 0.5mm Derma Roller At Home?

Wrinkles are the folds in the skin. The secretion of elastin and collagen decreases as you grow older. As a result, your skin gets thin. Also, exposure to environmental pollutants, toxins, and dehydration make your face develop wrinkles. Those who engage in excessive smoking and drinking need to be vigilant because they are at risk of developing skin cancer. 

Best ways to slow down the aging

It is not possible to prevent aging signs. But you can slow them and reduce their effect on your skin and look young and energetic. It is advised to reduce intake of sugar because the sugar in your body initiates glycation and AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which is not right for your skin. AGEs make you look older by breaking down collagen. Therefore, it is advised to reduce or limit sugar intake to retain a youthful shape. It is necessary to quit or reduce smoking because it ages your face soon. You may even suffer from various cancers through secondhand smoking. It will also cause damage to your skin. 

Using derma rollers to cure aging signs

Dermaroller 0.50 mm is the best instrument available in the market to cure wrinkles safely at home. The CE medical certified and professional quality surgical stainless steel microneedling device consists of 192 individual needles. All the needles are arranged at proper angles to provide the best results. 

The features of dermaroller 0.5 mm include a slip-proof handle. You can use this device for microneedling on your face and skin to get rid of wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. You can also apply nutrients on your skin after dermarolling to treat skin blemishes and improve the radiance of your skin and look young.

Dermarolling using a 0.5 mm derma roller stimulates keratinocytes and helps to release growth factors and promotes cytokines and upregulates epidermal growth factors. Therefore, you can make use of derma roller 0.5 to address stubborn and deep skin concerns. 

Microneedling helps to treat rosacea and sun damage. You can use derma rolling once a week to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate aging signs naturally. Several online stores are offering derma rollers at reduced rates. You can buy a microneedling device for regular use at home and get rid of aging signs.

Procedure to heal wrinkles on your face

It is advised to wash your face before deciding to apply derma rolling. You need to use the numbing cream 15 minutes before the microneedling process. It is also necessary to cleanse your derma roller using isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes.

You need to gently apply dermarolling in vertical, diagonal, and horizontal directions for at least 10 minutes. It helps to treat stubborn acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles easily. You need to wash your face immediately after the microneedling process and apply antibacterial cream on your face to prevent infections. You can apply the best Vitamin C serums on your face after derma rolling for best results. It is advised to repeat the microneedling process once a week using a 0.50 derma roller device to maintain blemish-free skin and look gorgeous.

It is advised to consume a balanced diet and do some physical activity to stay healthy and maintain glowing and firm skin. Derma rolling stimulates the production of collagen and thickens your skin to heal aging signs. 

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