What is Phallosan Forte? How do you use Phallosan Forte?


Phallosan Forte is known to be a penis extender that has become very common these days. Phallosan Forte is usually made of medical-grade silicone. The penis extender usually comes with a silicone cap. The silicone cap is the one that is usually placed on the foreskin of the men’s penis. The hard plastic bell usually comes in different sizes. Phallosan forte is made in a very comfortable way. Phallosan forte also comes with a comfortable belt.  The best is responsible for securing the phallosan forte against the body. That makes it comfortable for the tool to be worn for a very long time inside the body.

Ways of using phallosan forte

To use the phallosan forte, you should know the size of your penis. That is to say that, you should first measure your penis size. That will help you very much in knowing the bell size that you will need to use. After you have known your penis size, you can start preparing your phallosan forte. Take the silicone sleeve and attach it to the correct bell size. Do that by pushing it over the lip making sure that it is into place. After that, attach the pump to where the bell ends. You can then secure the drawbar to the phallosan forte bell. When doing that, make sure that the drawbar points are straight.  

Look for where the silicone protector cap is and place it on your penis foreskin and glans. Make sure that it fits well. After that, you can then roll the silicone sleeve facing the bell. You can then place the penis bell in the bell. After which you will need to roll the silicone sleeve. Back in the bell, consider turning the green valve to the icon of the pump. After that, you can begin your pumping. When you do that, your penis will be drawn further to the bell. When that happens, the silicone sleeve will mold comfortably to the shaft of the penis. After that, you will set the green valve to lock icon. That will help keep the pressure of the vacuum as it is. It is very possible to dress up while still on your Phallosan Forte.

Does it work?

Just like other extenders, Phallosan forte always works. It works by making sure that the penis is in a continuous state of stretching. Although the penis will be stretching, there will be no pain experienced during the process. Eventually, more tissues will be created to fill the tear causing the penis to increase significantly. The process of using Phallosan Forte should be painless. Therefore, when you discover that you are not comfortable or you are experiencing pain, you should stop using it immediately. To avoid messing up, you should consider following up instructions very carefully. If you do that, the probability of experiencing pain is very less. Therefore, Phallosan forte work. It has worked for many people as well. 

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