Why Do People Change Gender

Young surgery team in the operating room .

Sex change is quite a responsible step that is why people consciously go to it. Often the purpose of such an act is not to change the body. A man may want to live as a woman without misunderstanding by society, and this can only be achieved if he looks different.

It is important to know that gender is a social concept. For this reason, it can be said that people change their bodies to feel more comfortable in their understanding of gender. Society often imposes certain unwavering behaviours on members of different sexes. A person can accept this or try to avoid pressure on the system.

Sex change does not oblige a person to change their orientation. This concept is not related to sexuality and preferences when choosing a partner. However, people who have changed their bodies often prefer not only men or only women.

So the transgender transition takes place to feel in a different social role that is more appropriate for a person. However, there may be other reasons for srs surgery in Thailand.

How Does Gender Change Work

A complete body change takes more than a year. This period includes observation by a psychiatrist and treatment with hormonal drugs. While taking hormones, a person can feel the opposite sex life and make the final decision.

The preparations make the facial features of men more feminine and those of women coarser. The patient’s body will also take on features that are not characteristic of the biological sex: in men, the breast begins to grow; in women, there is thick hair on the body.

The operation date can only be agreed when these conditions are met. The person who wants to change the floor must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages so that they do not regret their decision later.

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