3 Important Radiation Therapy Tips in Singapore

Cancer is one of the most destructive forces of nature that humankind has ever seen. But despite the numerous efforts every year to prevent this condition, many people still succumb to its effects. Cancer cells are a near-unavoidable part of life— but at least you are not alone in combating it. Doctors called oncologists can administer breast cancer treatment in Singapore and other types of treatments that can help you out.

A cancer doctor in Singapore, also known as an oncologist, can offer many treatments to help you recover and manage your symptoms. Surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy are just a few of the treatments doctors may recommend to you. One of the most effective is radiation therapy.

Here are just a few radiation therapy tips in Singapore you need if you are preparing for your treatment.

1) Sleep well during your radiation treatment.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer might be the kind of thing that keeps you awake at night, but you should not be fighting to rest when receiving radiation treatment. Cancer treatment in Singapore requires you to manage stress and fatigue levels during the whole duration of your treatment. Developing a nighttime routine may help you sleep better and avoid becoming exhausted in the latter sessions.

2) Communicate any side effects with your doctor.

If at any point you experience any nausea, inform your oncology doctor immediately. They may be able to prescribe medicines or work out a solution that may make you feel better in no time. Sometimes it is communication that can make a difference.

3) Monitor and stick to a proper diet

Radiation therapy can affect your body in a myriad of ways. Your body needs to repair itself after experiencing its effects, which means a good diet for radiotherapy patients. Ask your healthcare team for specifics.

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