The Benefits Of Sending Elderly Parents To An Elderly Care Centre

It is still a conservative thought to send an elderly person to an elderly care centre in some Asian countries like Singapore. Most people think of it as a neglect of children’s responsibilities to take good care of their parents. 

If you have the same opinion, reading this article might help change your mind and consider sending your elderly parents to an elderly care centre.

  1. One-On-One Counselling 

Whether or not your parents have dementia, a senior day care centre in Singapore will provide one-on-one counselling. Going through this will help them become more comfortable while staying with other seniors. Some also try to treat dementia with the help of psychologists.

  1. Accommodate Special Nutrition Needs

As people grow older, they need special nutrition in their bodies.  

If they do not eat the correct diet, their existing condition, like arthritis, will worsen. As time passes, you can expect the seniors to have a more difficult time walking, let alone standing on their own. 

  1. Monitor Health

Dementia in Singapore also requires continuous monitoring to guarantee seniors who have this disease are in good condition. Sometimes, their doctor will prescribe them particular maintenance medicine to prevent their dementia from worsening. 

  1. Provide Engaging Activities

To guarantee the seniors will not get bored while staying at an elderly day care centre in Singapore, caregivers and nurses will host engaging activities. One of which is inviting toddlers to interact, connect, and communicate with the elderly. 

  1. Enhance Safety

Even though seniors are already adults, they become child-like again when they develop dementia, so enhancing their safety is crucial. Otherwise, they might get into an accident that will make their health worse than it already is. 

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