4 Expert-Proven Advice You Must Learn About Physiotherapy!

When it comes to physiotherapy in Singapore, the topic of physio can be broad. There are numerous things to consider and misconceptions that need to be cleared. While physiotherapy is about keeping our body in the right shape and being healthy while managing pain, it is also about learning. Discovering more about the proper way of handling your body against pain is critical.

Without further ado, here is expert-proven advice that people need to know in physiotherapy:

Pain is not always a bad thing.

If you’re going to a physio clinic in Singapore for a massage, you might experience a bit of pain and unrelaxing at certain times. Physiotherapy is all about manipulating and treating the joints to relieve pain and release tension within the body. Nonetheless, a well-trained physiotherapist should not cause you intense pain and discomfort during therapy.

It’s ideal to ask first before getting active.

If you have acquired an injury or suffer from a condition, it’s often tempting to quench the symptoms with an exercise movement. Still, it is always a must for patients to ask a physiotherapist first about prescribed exercise and advice to prevent injuries and ensure that you’re on the right track! Thus, it’s always worthwhile visiting a local physiotherapist every once in a while for checkups and consultations.

Don’t just cut your therapy when the discomfort is gone.

It doesn’t mean that when the pain and discomfort are gone, it means your injury has been totally healed. Physio in Singapore is about patience and practise! Cutting off your therapy before you’re ready can put you at risk of experiencing reinjury again. It’s often best to follow your physiotherapist’s exercise plan as much as possible.

Invest in practising physiotherapy at home.

A physiotherapist often designs tailored exercise plans for home, and they know if you haven’t done your homework! If you don’t want to recur visiting a physio clinic multiple times in a year for the same problem, make sure that you work your physiotherapy plan at home!

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