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3 Things to Do During Spa Day: Wellness Massage and More


It’s important to remember self-care, especially during stressful or tiring days. While this could be as simple as treating yourself to a good meal, you could also take a day off. What better way to spend a rest day than to recharge yourself with a visit to the spa? If it’s your first time, don’t worry. Here are three spa services with great results, such as a facial treatment in Singapore.

1.) The Gua Sha Facial

This facial has taken the skincare world by storm, but there’s nothing like getting it done professionally. Gua sha involves gently scraping and pressing a small ‘board’ made of jade or rose quartz on your skin. This pressure should encourage more circulation in your face. The circulation then revitalises and brightens your skin. It can even reduce redness or puffiness. Get a gua sha facial in Singapore to start your rest day right.

2.) Wellness Massage

When stress builds up in your body, you tense up without realising it. These tense muscles only tire you out more, leading to a dreadful cycle of exhaustion. If you feel this way, you could book a wellness massage appointment at the spa. While orthopaedic massages are a medical treatment, wellness massages are for your enjoyment and relaxation. But it does bring benefits to your body, such as reduced anxiety. An expert masseuse can relax your tensed muscles and leave you feeling refreshed. 

3.) Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the Breasts

While this is a breast massage, a lymphatic drainage massage benefits your entire body. It encourages the movement of lymphatic fluids from the lymph nodes in your chest, and this movement detoxifies your body. It can improve circulation, help you sleep better, reduce skin dullness, and aids the reproductive system. Don’t miss out on the benefits you’ll get from a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

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Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.