Drinking Alcohol: Does it Need to be included in Parenting?

Parents are the children’s teachers at home. They serve as a role model which may inspire and encourage the lives of their children. Also, they provide the needs of their family, and beloved parents are the ones who always take good care of their growing children. But the question that matters here is, should the habit of drinking alcohol (or not drinking alcohol for that matter) should be taught to their children? 

Drunk teens are said to have alcohol given by their parents, either the father or mother. Incidents like this called for the attention of the police to have a national debate for parental responsibility. 

In a blog article, Dr. Margaret McCann, the founder and Medical Director of an alcohol rehab clinic, has given her views or stance about the issue. She said that the popular drug of the United Kingdom is alcohol. Many people consider it as a ‘social lubricant’ which helps their social life along or having a conversation with someone. Alcohol is mostly used or consumed during dinner, often at lunch, after a tiring time working day and night. It is a common drug used in celebrations or holidays and usually consumed by the youth, particularly in their early ’20s.  Addiction needs to be treated by going to alcohol rehab.

Drinking Alcohol, a Disease for Family

Alcohol is considered an addictive drug. Often, it is regarded to give some people a fleeting joy or can relieve someone’s pain. Many people, at first are just enjoying drinking alcohol, but later on, they tend to crave it a lot despite it being dangerous to their health. Also, it can destroy one’s relationship to either their friend or family. Someone who has become addicted to drinking alcohol can create a havoc in their family and sometimes may cause their family to be broken and wreaked. 

These are just some reasons why drinking alcohol or addiction is thought to be a family disease. However, there is another reason researchers have found out, and it shows that alcoholism is likely developed when addiction runs in the family. It explains the pattern that may be an individual inherits it through the genetic make-up of the family. But, in some ways, it also depends on someone’s healthy lifestyle. 

Parent’s role in their Children’s Life

Notably, for mothers, it means that they are playing a unique role in teaching and taking care of the lives of their children and their tendency to drink alcohol. Furthermore, “wine – weaning” means the practice of making the children at an early age to be encouraged in drinking water down to wine. But “wine – weaning” is not the right word to explain the role of the parent in the matter. Besides, there is no proven evidence that this practice can help the children in their later life to have a good outlook about drinking alcohol. 

It’s most important that teenagers learn about what alcohol is and to respect it for what it is- it’s not something that should be over consumed otherwise it can create problems. Teens should learn that not all things should be answered by yes and learning not to drink alcohol at home is the best place because their parents are the best teachers. Drinking alcohol can cause damage to anyone’s health when not used responsibly.

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.