Take Advantage of Our Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

Are you aware that the number of people in this country aged 65 and older is growing fast? It is estimated that the number of them will increase to 88.5 million by 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which is more than double the 2010 estimate of 40.2 million. Additionally, around 70 percent of those in this age group will require long-term care services of one kind or another. The market for providing care is growing, and you can create a successful business. It makes sense to invest in our elder care franchise opportunities.

You can build a powerful, stable business by enabling families to make the right decision for long-term care for their loved ones with our proven business model. You can operate out of your office and so pay little overhead. You will enjoy the work because you’re helping people through a difficult time, but it can also support you well.

Our management team has a solid understanding of our customer base and of the market and industry. We want to be the best in residential, assisted living, and dementia placement services in the country. We provide a great service to our clients through our franchisees, partners, suppliers, and corporate office, and we have built a solid reputation for doing so.

As one of our franchisees, you will meet with the staff members of the senior care service providers in your area and research them carefully to learn which are among the best. You meet with individual clients to determine what their needs are and them provide them with information and accompany them on facility tours to help them make the right decisions about the long-term care of their loved ones. You help them with paperwork and make sure that the transition went smoothly, and you also assist them with any questions they may have about other senior care resources.

During the process of getting your business off the ground, we provide steady, on-going support, training, and marketing to help your business succeed. You will be the expert in elder care in your area, and you’ll offer compassionate and knowledgeable service to all of your clients.

When you invest in our elder care franchise opportunities, you are investing in your future as well as that of your community. Contact us today to get started learning more about the exciting entrepreneurial path your life could take while you offer a critical service to families in need of guidance.

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