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Essential Exercises to Take Care Your Lower Back

Typically, our lower backs will take the full brunt of most of our upper body’s weight. Because of our spine’s natural curve, most of the spine’s center of gravity is situated within our lower back and lumbar area. While these parts can handle the right amount of weight, this doesn’t necessarily.

Whether we are jogging, stretching, or doing yoga, no one can deny that exercise is an excellent way of ensuring that our body is in tip-top condition. There are different forms of activities that are tailored to our lower back.

Contrary to what most people think, it’s not just our spine that is holding our back in place, but our muscles play a crucial role in providing our returns with a wide range of movement. Exercising is an effective way of ensuring that these muscle groups are strong enough to handle any tasks.

Seeking Professional Help

Bur before anything else, the option of asking for professional help is always on the table.

Naturally, when you do have any physiological or neurological conditions, it’s advised that you get the professional advice of a trained and certified medical professional. Having professional help can ensure that you can be adequately supervised on the best practices that you can do to mitigate back pain.

If long bouts of pain persist, it’s advised that you get a chronic pain treatment from trusted and medically certified professionals. That will help get to the root of the problem and help find the right solution.

Quintessential Exercises to Do

These exercises are a tried and tested way of preventing pain on your lower back. In addition to strengthening your back’s muscles, these are also ingenious of strengthening your core, which can significantly increase your stamina and endurance.

We’ll be enumerating some exercises from the simplest ones to the more vigorous ones. Here are different ways of minimizing back pain:

Partial Curls

While curls are known for promoting strong abdominal muscles, it also plays a significant role in supporting your spine while helping with the proper alignment of your hips.

However, compared to your full-length curls, these curls are more suited towards ensuring that your abdominal muscles are optimized. Most of the time, your abdominal muscles will be the deciding factor for your stability and core endurance.

First, you have to lay both feet flat on the floor with your hands on the back of your head. Using your shoulders, lift your upper body steadily. Then, breathe in deeply before doing the same process with ten repetitions with an interval of three sets.


Bridges are among the most common ways of strengthening the Gluteus Maximus, which helps maintain the lower back posture. While in this position, people will focus on these muscles as they move their hips vertically, correctly being bent into a squat.

You have to lie down and place the feet flat on the floor with both legs at least around five to six inches apart. Then, raise your hips using your buttock’s muscles. Usually, people do this in sets of three with 15 repetitions on each one.

Seated Lower Back Stretches

Are you stuck in the office with not enough leg room? Well, there are different ways of working out your lower back and your upper body. Office workers can do the seated lower back stretch by rotating as you stretch your back. It effectively strengthens lower back muscles while relieving any tension.

All you have to do is sit on an office chair. Any chair will do, but having an office chair that can pivot will make these stretches easier. Next, position your hands behind your head so your chest and back will remain abreast. Keep the position for at least 10 seconds before switching to your other hand.

The Superman

As the name suggests, you’ll look like one of the iconic superheroes in pop culture in this stance. It is known for being one of the best but also one of the most challenging known exercises there is. You’ll need to have the right amount of strength on your back’s extensors (muscles that run along the spine) to maintain a good position.

Extensors are the literal “backbone” of your spine, holding both this body part and the pelvic support in place. Therefore, having strong extensors is a determining factor in ensuring that your back is poised for good posture.

Frequently, back pain is caused by putting too much stress and pressure on our backs when we’re sitting down or doing physically intense labor. It’s not just our spine supporting our posture and our lower back, but our muscles are a vital component in ensuring that our returns are straight and the right body position is retained.

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