Virginia Beach Chiropractic Doctor Named Areas Best

Whenever people have problems with their health, they either turn to hospitals and doctors, or chiropractors. At the point where medicine stops helping, there’s the chiropractic who manages to take care of pain and recovery in a natural way.

In Virginia as a state, and Virginia Beach, there are lots of facilities that are taking care of these problems. If you’re looking for chiropractic, you know that you only need the best one in the area. See more about how to find the best one here.

Recently, one chiropractor was named best in the area of Virginia Beach. It is the Alpine Health Center. This place has lots of equipment and years of experience working in the field. They’ve been treating and helping patients recover from injuries or feel better for a long time.

The prize goes to them because their success is measured by the client’s satisfaction. If you take a look at their web page, you’ll see that they have so many options to treat their patients which explains why they are considered the best.

What are the options?

When you go there, you can take one of the many different choices. Since this is chiropractic, it’s understandable that they have the best chiropractic massage there is in the area. Doctor Whalen, who’s the main person responsible for the success of the practice, knows exactly what patients need.

His hands are amazing and know exactly where your pain is. At least that’s what some of the patients say in their comments at the review section. If you open their web, you’ll see a lot of Google reviews that patients left for the company. Almost all of them are completely positive and that is what makes the place the best one in the area.

Aside from the standard massage therapy, there are more other options you can choose from. They are all great for certain parts of the body. It is best to let Dr. Whalen decide what is it that you need because his experience is amazing and through the years he has seen thousands of cases on which he builds the reputation he carries.

For example, acupuncture is great for many different aspects. One of them is the release of endorphins which are considered the most important hormone that creates the feeling of happiness. Better said, if it doesn’t exist, the person is in more pain.

The needles affect the “chee” which according to Chinese is being blocked when pain is present. With acupuncture, the “chee” is affected and the pain lowered. If you want to learn more about this, take a look at this link:

Another amazing therapy in this place is laser care therapy. With it, the patients are being treated without pain and without any other equipment. It is free from pain and the person receiving the treatment doesn’t feel anything.

The reason for this is because this one uses different light wavelengths and you probably know that light can’t hurt you. The tools simply go on the spot where you feel the problem and the light particles do their job for treating it. It’s best for swollen places which ache and cause problems.

Then, there’s the active release treatment which is an amazing piece of technology treating muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue. It is being used in cases when there’s an injury in this area. Athletes who suffered an injury of this kind often got poorly treated by chiropractors who didn’t do a great job.

Then, Michael Leahy DC invented this method which is a special massage of the soft tissue. He found out that is helping his patients a lot more than before. After this, a lot of other practices and chiropractors started using it.


If you’re in this area that we’re talking about and you’re looking for the best Virginia Beach Chiropractic, then you know that you have found your perfect choice. The Alpine Health Center is the one that you need.

Book an appointment today if you’ve decided to look for a solution to your problems that other doctors say you should leave alone and just take painkillers when you can’t stand the pain. It’s not worth it spending life in pain, so choose perfect chiropractic.

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