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How to Check if Skincare Products Are Cruelty-Free

In a bid to live a more ethical life, many consumers are making the big switch to cruelty-free and vegan products. However, this comes with a lot of confusion, especially in the skin care industry. When it comes to best cruelty free skincare australia, there are many factors that weigh in. Before buying, it is prudent that you contact the company and ask the following questions:

Do you test on animals at any point during the production process?

The first thing you need to know is whether or not the skincare company itself conducts animal testing – from the ingredients to the finished products. This is a fundamental question because most companies these days do not test on animals themselves but there is still that element during the production process.

How about the ingredients provided by your suppliers?

This is another fundamental question because there are many companies that still collaborate with many suppliers. You have to ask whether or not their suppliers conduct animal testing. An authentic cruelty-free company often requires a signed statement from the suppliers confirming that they do not conduct animal testing. You have to trust their word for that. If the company produces its own ingredients, you should look at their production process to ensure that there is no animal testing.

Is there any third party test?

It is not enough that a company claims they are cruelty-free. It is imperative that they have third-party tests as well as the suppliers to ensure that there are zero testings on animals.   

A reputable Cruelty Free Skincare will give a prompt reply. However, there are some companies that will ignore you. With this, you need to increase the likelihood that you will get a reply. You can consider the following tips:  

  • Keep it short: keep the questions to a minimum – say, three questions. When you ask questions, keep it short. If it is a related question, consider combining it for more effective delivery.
  • Ask yes/no questions: in relation to keeping it simple, you have to ask yes/no questions. By keeping it simple, you will likely get results because replying won’t take much of their time.
  • Show interest in the skincare company: you will likely get results if you let them know
  • Be polite: you need to be thankful and polite. It is always better to thank representatives for their time. While you are at it, you should tell them how you appreciate their help.
  • Use template: refrain from sending dry and robotic messages. It is always best to make your email friendly and personalised. If you are sending email to multiple companies, you should at least use a template and ask polished questions. This will ensure that you do not forget anything.

Final words

It is the time that you become well versed in the beauty arena so you will know what to look for on product labels. The most effective way is learning about the different certification seals, which are usually found on the back of labels. Aside from skincare or personal care products, you can also find certification seals on food and clothing items.

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