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Styles and Variations of the Chandelier

It is like walking into a celestial area when the room has chandelier lighting. The magical glow of the crystal chandeliers automatically causes eyes to be enthralled by the dancing light as it streams through carefully crafted hanging crystal prisms. An early 19th century French cut-glass chandelier hangs in the green room of the white house displaying an era of elegance.

You do not have to live in medieval places to enjoy lovely candle chandeliers in more update designs and styles using electricity to make the glow soft and alluring. It is a beautiful way to have a candlelight dinner in the privacy of your own home.

Chandelier lighting in the home can be compared to a fine oil painting hanging on the wall. The mini chandeliers become room decorations with a purpose. What once use to be in castles or for the rich and famous can now be viewed and enjoyed in the private family home.

Variations and styles of the chandelier light such as the wrought iron chandelier can enhance the southwest theme, with or without shades. The candle chandelier, the mini chandelier, or the wrought iron with glass teardrops seems to mesmerize you when you walk in. Whether they hang from the center of the room or capture the wall with their graceful designs you notice them almost immediately.

From the 15th century to present day, chandelier lighting has continued to become an ever-popular addition to homes. Chandeliers are a symbol of luxury and now they light their way into dinning rooms, bedrooms, quest rooms, and even outdoors. They make a decorative centerpiece or focal point for a room.


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