Ways to decrease anxiety during the first time sex

Every one of our first times are special for us – first word, first step, the first day of school, first kiss, and first time having sex. However, nervousness and overthinking can make this intimate moment more overwhelming. 

Whether it’s your first time having sex – in life or with your partner, these first time sex tips can help you feel less nervous and ready for what’s to come.

  • Don’t expect too high

As shown in most romantic movies, you may be inclined to think that sex for the first time is as intimate and amazing. However, that might not be the case.  

For many people, first time having sex is an awkward and a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, both you and your partner might get nervous. So don’t expect to achieve orgasm in such case. Don’t be disappointed,however; sex without climax can be as enjoyable and pleasurable help you and your partner to connect further.

  • Communicate

Conversations before, during and after is just as important as having sex itself.It’s better to let your partner know if you’re in pain or feeling awkward or uncomfortable rather than continuing the act. Sometimes you may suffer from lackluster. Having sex in such condition will neither be pleasant to you or your partner. 

  • Foreplay is important

Foreplay is important to stimulate and get your body respond to each other. However, you may not want to immediately jump to kissing. Take it slow. Start with some sensual touches and try to get comfortable and develop a rhythm with your partner.

A little caressing, sensual touch, biting, kissing, and oral sex – if you’re up for it – will get you both comfortable and ready for the actual act of sex.

  • Try these ways to dull the pain

During the first time having sex, most of the nervousness comes from mere the thought of sex being painful. However, this pain might be a little discomfort as you’re new to the experience.

This might also mean that your vagina is not enough lubricated to ease the partner’s penis. Plenty of foreplay before can stimulate your vagina to provide enough lubrication. If that’s not helping, you can try lubes for more lubrication. Also, a vibrator can help you adjust and easily stretch your vagina to ease the entry of your partner’s penis.

  • Use protection

Now, this is most important when you consider having sex – first and every time – if you don’t want to get pregnant. Despite the popular myth in some cultures, you can get woman can get pregnant if you have sex during the fertility days. 

You can use condoms or contraceptive pills and always be safe than sorry.

Having sex is more of an intimate moment and pleasurable experience for both the partners. However, you have to have patience and give time to each other to get comfortable and find your own rhythm. Don’t expect too much and communicate openly to your partner. That’ll only make the moment more special and enjoyable.

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.