What To Expect Following a Loved One’s Brain Injury After a Personal Injury Accident

When a loved one is injured in an accident and suffers from a brain injury, they will need help as they begin their long road to recovery. Not only will they be dealing with getting better, but  they also will be dealing with a personal injury claim. To help your loved one through this process, you will need to know what to expect.

What is a Brain Injury?

Each year, around one million people end up suffering from a brain injury, which is a very traumatic experience. But what exactly is a brain injury? A brain injury causes damage to the brain due to sudden trauma such as hitting the head violently. This injury is common in auto accidents, but can also happen during a slip and fall. A brain injury can range from mild to severe and impacts the full body. If you suffer from a brain injury, you must receive medical attention right away.

It is possible that symptoms could be delayed, so it is crucial to always be examined by a medical professional if you think you have suffered a head injury. Symptoms of a head injury include unconsciousness, headaches, vomiting, feeling confused or lethargic, blurry vision, changes in your sleep, memory, or concentration. After suffering from a brain injury, you will need a caregiver to help you through the recovery process.

Recovering from a Brain Injury

Each case and injury is going to be different, so it is best to always listen to your doctor and follow their advice while your loved one is recovering from a brain injury. Help your loved one keep track of all important appointments and medications so that they can stay on track and recover as quickly as possible. Often times, your loved one will need to attend physical therapy to fully recover. Be prepared to go to many appointments and also be there to offer your support and help during the recovery process.

Personal Injury Claim

A loved one who is suffering from a brain injury that was caused by another party in an accident will also need to file a personal injury claim. You can assist them in this process by first finding a personal injury attorney to work with that also specializes in brain injury claims. A claim can provide damages to help pay for medical bills along with bills piling up from missing work due to the injury. A personal injury claim can end up being a long and stressful process. It is best to deal with the attorney for your loved one so they can concentrate on recovering.

Working with Hann Law Firm

Hann Law Firm serves the greater Sacramento area in California and specializes in personal injury claims. They will aggressively fight to win your case and get the compensation you deserve after being injured in an auto accident. Hann Law Firm understands how difficult it is to be involved in a car accident that results in injury and will offer you the legal advice you need while showing compassion. After being injured in a car accident and needing a claim, work with a trusted Sacramento brain injury lawyer that will be on your side like Hann Law Firm.

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