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Why Every Leading Chiropractor Recommends Stretching?

All chiropractors are focused on improving their patients’ health. However, like every physician, they can’t come up with magical cures. Instead, they recommend exercises and practices that patients need to follow in their personal time to truly advance their physical and mental health. One such vital activity all chiropractic professionals recommend is stretching. As our muscles age, they tighten and stretching keeps them flexible. These aging effects are universal, and so are the positive effects of stretching. Here’s why these counteractive measures are standard practices in chiropractic adjustments. 

Taking Care of Your Spine

Spinal health is key to having strong shoulders, pain-free lower backs, and avoiding severe impact injuries. When your spine is misaligned, it’s prone to serious damages from sudden impacts. When it’s flexible and functional, it can adjust itself to sudden impacts in less than half a second. That’s why, when the muscles in your spinal alignment are stressed or rigid, (the muscles on your shoulders, lower back, and chest region), they put you at a higher risk of injuries and general soreness. A top chiropractor will illustrate the best ways of loosening these over-tightened muscles. To maintain amazing spinal health, all you need are regular chiropractic adjustments and daily stretching exercises.

Stress Relief

Stress, both physical and mental comes from inflexibility. With an inflexible mind, we can’t see things clearly, and with an inflexible body, we can’t tackle the various physical challenges we face from time to time. Stretching addresses both of these types of inflexibility. It adds a range of motion to our muscles, making us less averse to physical injuries. Our breathing during stretching exercises relaxes our mind and promotes the flow of oxygen into our internal organs, and more importantly, our brains. Stretching is easy, effective, and almost anyone with the right chiropractic guidance can do it! 

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.