How to Treat ADHD Without Stimulants

Treating ADHD without stimulants is of high interest to a lot of parents and health experts who are searching for an alternative to drug therapy. Parents become more and more aware of the risks related to long term use of stimulants whose application reached near epidemic proportions – they are searching for other solutions.

People who have ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are far more likely than the whole population to develop alcohol and drug addiction. As kids, they are likely to be reckless. This health issue makes it difficult to thrive in school.  Kids with ADHD can handle their behavior but often struggle with overthinking. They might use drugs or drink alcohol heavily to attempt to relax their thinking.

It is vital to control this medical condition as it plays a crucial role in the recovery of addiction. Sad to say, the effective and conventional use treatments for this condition is Adderall and Ritalin; these are prone to abuse. Today there are treatments available that are an excellent alternative to stimulants such as:


One effective treatment of ADHD is a proper diet. This includes eliminating sugar in your diet. According to the studies, a lot of kids with ADHD aren’t metabolizing sugar properly. Once you intake sugar of high carbohydrate foods, your pancreas must generate insulin that keeps the blood sugar to rise too high.

Deficiencies in EFAs are common in kids with ADHD. According to the research, kids with a low level of EFAs can present problems with behavior, sleep, temper issues as well as learning disabilities. This omega -3 fatting acids can be acquired in the diet through eating sardines and salmon, but the supplement is often needed.

Adding protein is also vital in eliminating ADHD. Starting the day off with essential protein is also proven advantageous for the kids with ADHD. Protein can assist in alleviating the fluctuations of blood sugar, which often come from consuming foods abundant in carbohydrates.

It is also advisable to add probiotics in your daily diet. The use of antibiotics and the usual American diet can damage the surrounding in the gut. This drug can kill good bacteria that allow the yeast to overgrow completely. Also, this blocks the making of serotonin. When a kid has a low level of serotonin, he or she will encounter difficulty in sleeping and can’t remain the focus. He or she will also experience breakdowns during stress.


According to the research, exercise is proven to be very effective in improving the function of your brains. It also enhances your capability to direct attention as well as look forward to issues. Aerobic workout of modest intensity for twenty to thirty minutes is considered effective. However, the essential thing is that you have to do the type of exercise that you used to. Some activities like dance, yoga, tai-chi as well as martial arts nee awareness as well as focus and concentration.


ADHD can also be addressed by merely knowing how to utilize the brain effectively. Each one is susceptible to disruption, and each one can learn to concentrate more. CBT or cognitive behavior therapy can help a lot in developing new skills. It also helps you in finding new ways of thinking to assist handle racing thoughts. Drug rehab center offers CBT that is conducted by professionals, so you can be assured of the best results. For more drug rehab stories, you can visit popular websites online.

Daisy Mae Cooper: Daisy, a yoga instructor, provides yoga routines, tips for mindfulness, and strategies to bring more peace and balance into everyday life.